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Audio Review: Sales Mastery with Tiffany Peterson

When I find an audio book that I really like, I will certainly listen to it more than once, but with this one, I have listened to it 5 times now, and have learned so much. Now, I am really good at sales, and I honestly wasn't expecting to find anything of this magnitude, but I have fully integrated her system into my own sales department and sales conversations, and the results are incredible. I recommend this to all entrepreneurs, not just sales people. An important part of what she covers is obviously sales, but before doing so, she lays an amazing ground work that establishes why her system works so well, and really applies to all areas of business.  She then gets right into the meat of a sales system that is genius!

So many sales training systems contain elements of manipulation that I have always disliked. When I listened to this series for the first time, I knew I had found exactly what I was looking for and more, because it so perfectly matched the type of sales system I want to build in my company. In addition to covering the 'skill set' needed to master sales, she spends a good amount of time on the 'mind set' for success as well. It's a very easy listen, and is not near as long as other audio series on sales, but is cram packed with gold.

In fact if you buy it from her, and don't benefit from it many times over, I will purchase it from you so I can gift it to my clients. It's really that good, and you really need to listen to this one!!!


Sales Mastery with Tiffany Peterson

Sales Mastery with Tiffany Peterson

Eye Opening 5-stars
Entertaining  5-stars
Motivating 5-stars
Applicable 5-stars
Original Content
Worth Re-Reading 5-stars
 Overall Rating 5-stars