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Book Review: The Answer by John Assaraf

This was a surprisingly powerful book. The reason for some of the categories only getting 4 stars is the 2nd half of the book is a bit dry, and is mostly read by another man.  The first half of the book, that is read by John Assaraf himself, is incredible.  I was familiar with this guy from watching "The Secret" several years ago. A friend recommended this book because he said it made some of the true concepts in that movie a lot more practical. Well, after I got a quarter of the way in, I had to call and thank him, because it was mind boggling. He explains why goal setting, visualization, and affirmations are so important, as well as the most effective ways to do them. I will most certainly listen to the first half of this book many times!



The Answer by
John Asseraf

Eye Opening 5-stars
Entertaining  4-stars
Motivating 5-stars
Applicable 5-stars
Original Content
Worth Re-Reading 4-stars
 Overall Rating 4-stars