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Book Review: The Power of Full Engagement

I finished listening to The Power of Full Engagement yesterday. The book is by Jim Loehr and Tony Schwartz, and I highly recommend it for others who, like me, struggle with prioritizing time, and getting the most important tasks done.  I tend to focus on the urgent, but not so important tasks.  While this book had plenty of dry spots that literally put me to sleep, there were also gems of gold that really helped me.  This is not a magic pill that if read will instantly transform you to a disciplined master of your time. But it has given me some really good ideas of ways I can really enhance my day and my productivity, and it will actually be fun.



The Power of Full Engagement

Eye Opening 5-stars
Entertaining  2-stars
Motivating 4-stars
Applicable 5-stars
Original Content
Worth Re-Reading 4-stars
 Overall Rating 4-stars