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Not An Employee - And Loving It!

Today I met with another company that wanted to acquire mine. For those of you who would jump to the end to find out if I sold or not... don't worry, I'm not interested in selling. The visit was intriguing and it brought back a lot of memories of being an employee.  I was first given a tour around the building to see the different departments and it had sure grown a lot since I checked out the company two and a half years ago. They are now quite large, and I was reminded of exactly what I don't want my company to become.

What a blessing it is have the freedom to run my company from home. I don't have to deal with any politics or drama, and I can focus on fulfilling my purpose, not someone else's. When I left their building, I actually felt like clicking my heels. Not because there is anything bad about their company... in fact, I'm quite impressed with what they have done.  But it was a good reminder of the huge opportunity that is right before me, and I'm excited to take my company to new places.