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A Personal Victory in Swimming

Many of you know how much I love mountain biking.  In the warm season, I can be found most days climbing the trails in Draper Utah's Corner Canyon for a couple hours.  If you've never been on those trails, you really need to.  Anyway, during 2011 I was able to lose quite a bit of weight, 28 lbs. to be precise. The problem, is that I gained 18 of those pounds back through the winter.

This year I lost all the weight again, by rigorous mountain biking, and lot's of meals replaced with green smoothies. When the cold weather got near this year, I was determined to keep the weight off, so I got a membership to our local rec center.  In addition to using exercise bikes and the indoor track, I thought it would be fun to take up swimming. What I have now experienced in the last two months is quite surprising.

aquaticscenterLapSwim1I have never really done that much swimming, and it only took a few weeks to add up to more swimming than I had done previously in my entire life.  My first week was a little embarrasing.  I would need to take a break and rest after swimming just one length of the pool.  It's funny how hard it was for me to control my breathing. Let's just say I'm glad no one was there with a video camera, because I must have been quite comical to watch.

A couple weeks into this, and I had a break through, I could swim a full lap (there and back) without stopping to rest.  This improvement, although slight, gave me the encouragement that I needed to keep at it.

For the six weeks that followed, I continued to make slight improvements each day, and began enjoying the swimming more and more. I was quite proud of the the goal I hit last week of swimming 10 lengths (5 full laps) without stopping to rest, but this morning, I really surprised myself. I swam 36 lengths strait, and honestly, I could have kept going.

I have always had a great feeling of gratitude for my body and all that I can do with it, but today, I'm in awe that in a matter of 2 months, I could go from being a non swimmer, to swimming a half mile in 24 minutes, and that after 45 minutes on the exercise bike. Just a personal victory today and I was excited to share it!